concept plans -Upon approval of the design brief and design fee proposal, we can begin the concept drawings.  Any available site plans become useful at this point. Site dimensions and existing features will be recorded and depending on the nature of the site, a surveyor may be required to accurately record the levels in a contour plan.

Based on the initial site visit and design brief, a series of 2D or 3D concept drawings will be produced. These may include any paving, structures, plants and many other aspects of your design.  Suggestions and examples of products, plants, surfaces and structures may be included with the concept drawings.  This will be presented to you in person or via email depending on the design.  Once you have viewed and understood the concept drawings and are happy with the design, we can move to the final stages of the design process. If you decide at this point to change parts of the design a fee may be charged depending on the nature of the alteration.

LANDSCAPE & CONSTRUCTION PLANS - A final series of scale drawings will be produced.  A colour Landscape Plan View will give you a 'bird's eye' view of the whole space including elements such as plants, paving, water, pergolas etc.  Construction detail plans consist of a black and white scale drawing ready for a constructor to build from.  They can include paths, gardens, irrigation, lighting, plants, walls, and anything necessary to detail the requirements for a builder to complete the project.  Planting plans can also be produced with plant sizes, quantities, details and ongoing maintenance requirements.



A garden can be a place to rest, think & reflect.  It can be a place to play, hide & seek.  It could be a private place, or a public space.  No matter what the space happens to be, it means something different for everyone.  Creating your ideal garden space needs careful consideration by both the designer, and the client.  Beyond the simple aesthetics of a space, one must consider the senses such as touch, scent, sound, taste and more.  It's these elements that combine to create the 'feel' of a garden.  Ultimately, it is the 'feel' of a garden that satisfies the end user rather than if it just looks nice. 

INITIAL SITE VISIT - This is where the design process begins.  In a visit to your site we will discuss your ideas, needs, and desired outcomes for your space.  You will then receive a written design brief outlining the discussions and ideas for your project.  You will also receive a design fee proposal that explains the costs of the design options before you go ahead with the next stage.